Free download policy

Free downloads of any beat produced by ‘DJ TIMERULER’ do not include any artistic or legislative rights to the beat. Those versions are only for non-profitable use, meaning only for demonstrational tracks.

You are allowed to upload tracks (recorded over free downloaded beats) on Internet pages like myspace, Soundclick, Facebook, Soundcloud or Youtube, etc. When being uploaded or presented (for demonstrational use only!), credit always has to be given in a written form to ‘DJ TIMERULER’ (e.g. in the song description).

It is possible but not binding that ads can be displayed on your video on behalf of my Content ID Service. If you do not wish that to happen, please purchase the appropriate license.

You are NOT allowed to put the track on a mixtape or album, even if it is for promotional use only. For this purpose you need to purchase at least a lease.

The meaning of free downloads is to do a song for yourself, to do first pre-recordings & to see if the song works out well & is worth, to make investments in one of the license types.

It is not allowed to make any kind of profit with free download versions. No video-, no TV-, no radio-airplay allowed! Furthermore it is not allowed to make any changes to the beat or remove the tag ‘’.

Copying or ripping any audio material (e.g. beat, tag, sounds, instruments, drums, etc.) is prohibited & will not be tolerated at any time! The person disobeying this rule will likely face a law suit.

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