Frequently Asked Questions

How to download beats?

Simply! Just click to download icon button on player you must read the terms before downloads.

Can i downloaded all beats for free?

Yes get all beats for free! you must read the terms before downloads.

New beats & updates uploaded?

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What can I do with Free Downloads?

Free Downloads are meant for strictly personal/private/non-profit/non-commercial use. Album, mixtape-, tv-, and radio-airplay, live performances and/or any other public use is strictly prohibited!!! Sound Tags may not be removed/ cutted.

If you want use one of my beats for your upcoming project/ album/ mixtape/ release, please purchase a lease. Credit has to be given to “DJ TIMRULER” in any case! Anyone found to be abusing these privileges will most likely face a law suit for copyright infringement.

Do you offer Custom Productions as well?

Yes I do! Custom beats are varying from $499-699 (depending on the work to do)
If you are interested in custom beats, please contact me via email ( and let me know which genre/mood/ type of beat youre looking for, if possible please include a Youtube link, with a similar song, so I can get a better imagination of what youre looking for.
I will explain all further infos to you, via email. Feel free to contact me anytime!

Can we collab on a beat?

Since I am involved in alot of projects already, I dont really have the time, to do collabos in general. I am thinking about offering collab contests soon though. Updates via

I still have questions

If you still have questions, please see “Terms & Conditions” or contact me anytime under

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